Keddy  Davis

Keddy Davis

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First Name * Keddy
Last Name * Davis
Username * kedishi-san
Country * United Kingdom
City Birmingham
Nationality British
Languages English



Availability: Freelance


I'm a self-taught digital artist, specialising in Pin-up, Fashioin and Fantasy art.

Around seven Years ago (in 1999) just after finishing college studying computing I re-discoveres my pencil after not really drawing since I left School. Figuring that computng really wasn't for me I decided that i wanted to become an professional artist in some way shape or form.

I started out tying 3D with the Free copy of truespace that i found on the cover of a magazine... which I did for aound eighteen months, before I hit a dead end... I couldn't seem to go any further with it.

So in late 2000, I started drawing Anime styled characters. At first I was really terrible, but I kept practising until I thought that I was half decent. I did that for around five years or so.

In mid 2005 I realised that Anime art was a really niche market and it would be difficult to find a lot of work in this counrty (United Kingdom) if that was all I did, so I decided to branch off into Fasion, Fantasy and Pin-ups...

At the moment i'm trying to gain recognition and hone my fine art skills and hopefully I will be soon be able to land my first commission ^_~


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